Architecture + Research + Society

14–17 September 2017, at ArkDes, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design and KTH School of Architecture


How does research in architecture relate to architectural practice, to politics, and to the larger societal context? Making Effect – Architecture + Research + Society will address this question in a three-day event and an exhibition, with the aim of concluding and making public five-years of research in architecture in Sweden.

Making Effect will bring together researchers, international guests, practitioners, stakeholders and public research funders, as well as a wider audience, in a public program that includes presentations and reflections on research projects, a conversation on research ethics with international guests, a seminar on the ‘Housing Situation and the Welfare State’ in Sweden, a program of experimental workshops and an exhibition. Making Effect is an opportunity to reflect upon research achievements and their societal effects and to formulate emerging urgent themes for research in architecture from inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives.

Making Effect is organised by Architecture in Effect, Architecture in the Making and ResArc, and produced in collaboration with ArkDes, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design and KTH School of Architecture. The event takes place at ArkDes and KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm 14–17 September 2017.

In 2011, the four Swedish Schools of Architecture at Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Lund University and Umeå University, received funding from the Swedish Research Council Formas to strengthen research in architecture through two 'strong research environments': Architecture in the Making (Chalmers) and Architecture in Effect (KTH) as well as the Swedish Research School in Architecture – ResArc (LTH). These environments assembled around 100 researchers and nine partner institutions from adjacent fields, with researchers in architecture, societal planning, urbanism, landscape and philosophy, and engaged a team of all-together eleven international advisors based across American and European universities.

Making Effect is the largest public manifestation of architecture research in Sweden so far, produced jointly by the four architecture schools. 

Making Effect is structured around the research environments’ five main themes:

Architects in Formation examines the formation of the architect in relation to architectural education and connected research cultures;

Critical Historiography investigates the role of history in architecture and the operative relations between architectural history, education, research and design practice;

Critical Projections explores the role and identity of the architectural project as an emancipatory practice, able to articulate, project, assess and debate alternative architectural and social possibilities for the future;

Material Conditions examines the contemporary significance of architecture as a material agent for social transformative change;

Investigative Modelling explores modelling programs and visualization methods, adapted to hands-on, embodied interaction and how they effect the interface between architectural design and other disciplines.

The event will conclude with the seminar, The Housing Situation and the Welfare State, connecting all themes for examining the uneasy relationship between architecture, housing and the welfare state and projecting possibilities for the future.




Magnus Ericson (KTH), Meike Schalk (KTH), Bettina Schwalm (ArkDes) with Thordis Arrhenius (ArkDes), Anders Bergström (KTH), Sten Gromark (CTH), Daniel Koch (KTH), Mattias Kärrholm (LTH), Helena Mattsson (KTH), MYCKET/Mariana Alves Silva, Katarina Bonnevier & Thérèse Kristiansson (ArkDes), Fredrik Nilsson (CTH), Christina Pech (KTH/ArkDes), Gunnar Sandin (LTH), Erik Stenberg (KTH), Roemer van Toorn (UMA)

With participants from the 'strong research environments' Architecture in Effect, Architecture in the Making, the Swedish research school ResArc and international guests: 

AAA/Constantin Petcou & Doina Petrescu, Tom Avermaete, Karin Grundström, Dana Cuff, Oya Atalay Franck, DAAR/Sandi Hilal & Alessandro Petti, Knut Ove Eliassen, Murray Fraser, Janina Gosseye, Björn Hellström, Hilde Heynen, Olga Kordas, Louise Masreliez, Joan Ockman, Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Amy Rader Olsson, Guttorm Ruud, Spridd/Ola Broms Wessel & Klas Ruin, Kristina Mjörnell, Ola Nylander, Pehr-Mikael Sällström, Jilly Traganou, Fredrik Tygstrup, Albena Yaneva

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