Making Effect Symposium Program

Thursday 14th of September: Experiments


Parallel morning sessions

9:30 - 11:00 Walking Seminar
curated by Thordis Arrhenius and Christina Pech

The Inside-out walking seminar will move across the ArkDes site, from courtyard to basement, discussing the many ways in which architecture operates as a discipline - the institution, building, exhibition, archive. The walk is part of the research project Building Architectural Discourse, which considers the history of the Swedish Museum of Architecture.
Location: ArkDes, around the house, the archive and the exhibition spaces.
Meeting point: Entrance of the Modern Museum

9.30 - 12.30 Discussing Doctorateness: Perspectives on Assessment of Research
led by Fredrik Nilsson and Nel Janssens
Guests: Oya Atalay Franck, Murray Fraser, Catharina Dyrssen and Anne Solberg

Against the background of the dynamic development of research in creative fields in recent decades, this seminar will discuss the interplay between practice and research, how to assess research output, and what constitutes doctoral proficiency in the practice-based fields of architecture and design. The seminar invites practitioners and practice-based scholars to discuss the dynamics of practice and research in their continuous interplay.
Location: ArkDes Auditorium

9.30 - 11.30 Material Conditions
curated by Mattias Kärrholm and Gunnar Sandin

This workshop takes up the renewed interest in materiality and the debate about material agency in the wake of current global challenges. It will canvas the development of theories and methods in architecture that critically address the roles and effects of materialities.
Guests: Jennifer Mack, Jonathan Metzger, Jilly Traganou and Albena Yaneva
Location: ArkDes Studio

Parallel afternoon sessions

13.30 - 17.30 Rethinking the Social: Researching the Welfare State and Beyond
curated by Helena Mattsson

This seminar revisits the knowledge production of the twentieth-century architecture of the welfare state – its tools, structures, and institutions – that emerged from the vision of an equal society. What society do we envision today?
Guests: Tom Avermaete, Lena From, Janina Gosseye, Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Guttorm Ruud, Fredrik Tygstrup, Joanna Zawieja and Christina Zetterlund. With: Thordis Arrhenius, Catharina Gabrielsson, Christina Pech, Meike Schalk, Erik Sigge and Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi.
Location: ArkDes Studio

14.00 - 16.00 Dream Castles– When We Build the City We Want to Live In
curated by MYCKET (Mariana Alves Silva, Katarina Bonnevier and Thérèse Kristiansson)

Creating a full-scale enactment of critical architecture, the Dream Castles workshop is about exploring how the built environment, architecture, affects us.
Location: Exhibition Space

13.30 - 17.30 Representations
curated by Ulrika Karlsson and Jonas Runberger

This session explores the potential of digital processes, designerly thinking, and the processes of architectural production.

13.30 - 14.15
"Plots, Prints and Projections", with Daniel Norell, Einar Rodhe and Ulrika Karlsson
moderated by Jonas Runberger

14.30 - 15.30 
"Diagrams, Abstractions and the Emergence of Second Form", with Daniel Koch, Pablo Miranda Carranza and Lars Marcus
moderated by Daniel Norell

15.45 - 16.30
"Prototyping and Digital Materiality", with Jonas Runberger and Oliver Tessmann
moderated by Ulrika Karlsson

16.45 - 17.15
Representation panel discussion
All participants
moderated by Ulrika Karlsson och Jonas Runberger

Location: ArkDes Auditorium


18.30-20.00 Exhibition Opening and Roundtable debate

Research in Architecture: Resuming Experiences - Projecting into the Future with Katja Grillner (Effect), Fredrik Nilsson (Making), Lars-Henrik Ståhl (ResArc); Kristina Grange (CTH), Helena Mattsson (KTH), Gunnar Sandin (LTH) and Ana Betancour (UMA).

moderated by Murray Fraser

Location: ArkDes Auditorium and Exhibition Space



Friday 15th of September: Reflections
Moderna Museets Auditorium

9.00 Introduction to a day of short presentations of recent research in architecture and debates

by Anders Bergström, Daniel Koch, Helena Mattsson, Mattias Kärrholm and Meike Schalk

9.30-10.45 Material Conditions

Introduction by Mattias Kärrholm

Introductory keynote by Albena Yaneva

Alberto Altés, “Encounters, Intraventions, and Matters of Care: Toward Responsible and Situated Making Practices”

Hélène Frichot, “Deleuze in the City” (with Catharina Gabrielsson and Jonathan Metzger)

Jennifer Mack, “Urban Design from Below:
Immigration and the Built Environment”

Emma Nilsson, “Architect’s people”

Paulina Prieto de la Fuente, "Discrete Architectures: Analyzing Urban Rhythms and Chronotopic Spaces”

Responding keynote by Jilly Traganou

moderated by Mattias Kärrholm


11.15-12.30 Critical Historiography

Introduction by Helena Mattsson

Tim Anstey, “Things that Move”

Katarina Bonnevier/Mycket, “Cri-Fi: Setting the Scene”

Victor Edman, “Historical Homestaging: Contemporary Displays of Ancient Dwellings”

Christina Pech, “Functional or Modern? On the Preference for Rational Explanations in the Historiography of Swedish Modernism”

Erik Sigge, “Architecture’s Red Tape”

Keynote response by Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen

moderated by Helena Mattsson

12.30 Lunch

13.30-14.45 Critical Projections

Introduction by Meike Schalk

Ragnhild Claesson, “Doing Heritage: Places of the Past and Future Inside-Out through Women in Rosengård”

Catharina Dyrssen, “Transvaluation: Making the World Matter”

Nel Janssens, “Meta-Urbanism and Utopia-driven Projective Research”

Ramia Mazé, “Feminist Futures: Materialisms, Activisms, Dialogues, Pedagogies, Projections” (with Meike Schalk and Thérèse Kristiansson)

Karin Reisinger, "Staying with the Pit, De-Othering Mining Memories" 

Roemer van Toorn, "Towards a Triple Movement in Architecture?"

Keynote response by Gunnar Sandin, “Transgressive Methods in Institutional Critique” 

moderated by Meike Schalk

14.45-16.00 Representations/ Investigative Modeling

Introduction by Daniel Koch

Atli Magnus Seelow, “Reconstructing the Stockholm Exhibition 1930”

Catharina Gabrielsson, “Alteration” 

Ulrika Karlsson, “Experiment and Model”

Lars Marcus, “Embodied Models”

Daniel Norell, “Erratic”

moderated by Daniel Koch



16.30-17.45 Architects in Formation

Introduction by Anders Bergström

Introductory keynote by Dana Cuff

Brady Burroughs, "Architectural Flirtations: A Love Storey"

Kristina Grange, "Deserving One's Role: In Search of the Political in Shaping of Professional Acting Space"

Fredrik Nilsson, "The Changing Shape of Practice"

Fredrik Torisson, "Utopology: A Re-Interrogation of the Utopian in Architecture"

Maria Ärlemo, "Architectural Justice – Incremental Change from Within"

Responding keynote by Joan Ockman

moderated by Anders Bergström



18.00-19.45 Evening lectures and discussion: Ethics in Research, Practice and Activism  

Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, DAAR - Decolonizing Architecture and Campus in Camps 

Constantin Petcou and Doina Petrescu, atelier d’architecture autogérée

moderated by Ramia Mazé



Saturday, 16th of September
Housing and Welfare
KTH School of Architecture


10.00-11.30 Morning coffee conversation

Talk on Architectural Education and the Profession
with Dana Cuff and Joan Ockman

moderated by Anders Bergström

Location: level 6


Afternoon seminar

The Housing Question in Sweden / Bostadssfrågan i Sverige

Seminar about the architecture of housing, which spans from a debate of spatial qualities to architecture’s role in the welfare state.

Seminarium om bostadsarkitekturen, som sträcker sig från en debatt om rumsliga kvaliteter till arkitekturens roll i välfärdsstaten.

curated by Erik Stenberg, Thordis Arrhenius and Sten Gromark

Location: A108

(in swedish)


13.00-13.30 On the Importance of the Architecture of Housing / Om vikten av en "bostadens arkitektur" i Agenda livsmiljö (och samhällsbyggandet)

Med Boverket, Sveriges Arkitekters ordförande Louise Masreliez och forskningsansvarig Pehr-Mikael Sällström

moderated by Erik Stenberg


13.30-14.30 Architecture and Welfare/ Arkitektur och välfärd

In the rapid urbanisation and economic development of Sweden from the 1950 onwards new towns were planned, infrastructure laid out and historical towns reconfigured. A pressing issue today is how this extensive heritage from the Swedish welfare state is considered and valued. With a focus on housing this session discusses architecture and welfare and its many re-configurations and possibilities.

Sveriges snabba urbanisering och starka ekonomiska utveckling från 1950 och framåt resulterade i nya förstäder, en kraftigt utbyggd infrastruktur och genomgripande förändringar av den historiska staden. En angelägen fråga idag är: hur detta omfattande byggnadsarv från den svenska välfärdsstaten beaktas och värderas. Med fokus på bostäder diskuterar seminariet arkitektur och välfärd, dess många konfigurationer och möjligheter.

Presentations and a conversation with

Ellen Braae, "Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes"

Tor Lindstrand, "Too Much Fun - Play and State"

Ola Broms Wessel and Klas Ruin / Spridd, "Fittja’s People’s Palace"

Guttorm Ruud: "The Crisis of Welfare State Spaces"

moderated by Thordis Arrhenius


14.30-15.30 Current Research on Housing in Sweden,  Aktuell bostadsforskning i Sverige

This session will present three ongoing research environments of inter- and transdisciplinary nature unfolding new avenues of approach to provide urgent knowledge and findings for new welfare directed towards the challenges confronting the contemporary urban residential situation.

Detta pass kommer att presentera tre pågående starka forskningsmiljöer i tvärvetenskaplig samverkan som utvecklar nya perspektiv för att etablera angelägen kunskap och nya rön för ny välfärd i mötet med de utmaningar som präglar den aktuella urbana bostadssituationen.

CRUSH, Karin Grundström, et al., 13 myter / 13 Myths

SIRen, Paula Femenias, et al.

AIDAH Rum för hälsa och livskvalitet, "Integrerade Former för Boende, Åldrande och Sjukvård, Sten Gromark"

CBA Centrum för Boendets arkitektur, Ola Nylander

moderated by Sten Gromark    




16.00-17.00 Current Research Platforms and Networks / Aktuell forskning och samverkan Presentations and discussions / Presentationer och ett samtal mellan

Research funding in the Swedish Built Environment sector has increased dramatically over the past few years. More than SEK one billion will be allocated to research by 2020 and the funding is increasingly being directed towards platforms rather than projects. This panel will discuss the impact of a few platforms on the Housing Question.

Forskningsmedel till samhällsbyggande har dramatiskt ökat de senaste åren. År 2020 kommer sammanlagt en miljard att ha tilldelats till FoI inom samhällsbyggnadsområdet och finansieringen tenderar att tilldelas till miljöer snarare än projekt. Denna panel kommer att diskutera hur några av dessa miljöer kommer att påverka och påverkas av Bostadsfrågan.

SIP Smart Built Environment, IQS, Amy Rader Olsson

SIP Viable Cities, KTH, Olga Kordas

DECODE, KTH and Tyréns, Björn Hellström

ERUF Grön BoStad Stockholm, KTH, Erik Stenberg, et al.

moderated by Erik Stenberg 


17.00-17.30 Concluding Discussion with the Moderators / Sammanfattning med moderatorerna

Thordis Arrhenius, Sten Gromark, Erik Stenberg, among others



From 18.00: Book release and celebration of Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice: Materialisms, Activisms, Dialoges, Pedagogies, Projections, at Centrum för Fotografi, Tjärhovsgatan 44.